mardi 3 avril 2007

Shake your money maker!!!

R.I.P James Brown.

Timing is everything for the release of this album; Dynamite X referring to Mr. Dynamite himself James Brown. Producers, Djs and musicians like DZihan & Kamien, ex UFO founder Toshio Matsuura (Sarah McClachlan remixes) and many other payed tribute to some of James' best pop disco hits; Give it up or turn it a loose, Sex machine, Super Bad, Soul Power, etc.

It's a funky electro-disco album. Go to the label website and you can hear the full album. And before you get crazy shakin' in your chair, watch the video remix of Sex Machine. Then you'll feel like dynamite tonight and truly understand the power of James Brown's music! It features clips from the movie Wo Ist Fred from Senator Film.

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