samedi 19 janvier 2008

Un gros truck d'electro-indie-rock

So what is IT that modern girls think about? The Trucks seem to have found out. I guess it would take a Cindy Lauper and The Bangles re-visitation through 'A Message' Come[ing] Back' to know what has been said before. Consider it done! I know, this sounds so far fetched that I have trouble believing it. Well hear it for yourself. It's as nasty as Peaches and as benevolent as...I don't know. It just seems all new to me! Love it to make my dog sick. The Trucks are Kristin, Marissa, Lindy and Faith and you are just beginning to hear about them.

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mercredi 16 janvier 2008


I'm thinking ninety nights before the album comes out; R.E.M. One video a day, free HD dowload and you can retouch, remix and revamp it as you wish. Check it out at

G-Mofat! Aight!

I was checking out Ghislain Poirier's MySpace this morning only to discover this:

''Ghislain Poirier feat. Ariane Moffatt-
Bientôt. J'en dis pas plus.''

Niiiiice, been waiting for a collaboration like that to happen!

Igloofest is back to Quai Jacques Cartier for its second edition and obvisouly fat-boucing Ghis' will be there for the Ninja Tune evening (so will Spank Rock's Devlin and Darko, Daedelus and Ghostbeard). Other 'spinners' include Mateo Murphy, Milimetrik (excellent minimalism from Qwébec City-my home town!) Josh Wink, Misstress Barbara, Thomas Schumacher (no Ferrari involved, not even close!), Pheek and more.
January 18-19, 25-26, 2008 in Montreal, QC! Ouin j'cré ben qui va fallouaire sauté en l'air pour se réchauffer!!!

lundi 14 janvier 2008


Disco is back and Calvin Harris claims to have created it! humm, well he sure has redefined it.

Calvin is from Dumphries, Scotland and is a whole-in-one with this album. Not a huge voice range à la Donna Summer, but a hell-of-a-lotta beats! He makes me get down and boogie woogie. His first attempt, I created Disco, is entirely home made. The beats are groovy, colourful and just make you wanna dance; turbo-funkiness would wrap it up nice. 2008 is the year when disco revives in popularity and I Created Disco will definitely top my best of for 2008. With the full length just recently released in the UK, he is already nominated for the US Shortlist Prize, the equivalent to the Mercury Music Prize which awards the best album of the UK. Past Shortlist winners include Cat Power, Sufjan Stevens and Damien Rice. With song titles like Colours, Neon Rocks, Vegas, Disco Heat, and Electro Man you know you'll blast in the past, sweat to 'future-disko' and look for your old Village People vinyls! North American release scheduled for Feb 2008.

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