mardi 20 novembre 2007

Van She is ...Van She.

I love coincidences. I love hazard. And I love your vulnerability as an audience, waiting to discover the new IT band. Well, this band here-called Van She is the perfect example. They sound new, old, déjà vu and brand new all at once. But what amazes me about them is their capability of making you believe that they are IT! And what’s wrong with that??? But, get a hold of yourselves, they are definitely not IT.

These guys are from Australia and from what I read have been around since 2005. They have one EP to date including singles like Kelly and Sex City.

It sounds very commercial; electro-pop-indie-rock, flavoured with new wave influences is what it is. I hate their new single Cat And The Eye. It’s like the electro influences in their music died trying to break boundaries for a new listening audience, argh. I hate that! But, what I definitely looooove about these guys, is their ability to remix. Darn they are good. Go crazy trying to find Feist, Dragonette, The Presets, New Young Pony Club, Tiga, Bravery, Muscles and the list goes on and on, remixed by Van She. If only they were able to do that kind of shtuff with their own!!!

Listen for yourself, and give me your opinion. Opinions matter in music nowadays as more and more people are looking for the Next Big Thing to fill very big venues!

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