lundi 19 novembre 2007

Been a while...

Alrighty! let's get back on track. I've been fooling around in La La Land and am now back on earth.

MÙM...d'ya know them? Maybe yes, maybe no. But, the deal is here that you HAVE TO get to know them. They’re from Iceland, are in all seven members-when live on stage-and kick it glitch style. Now, they came through Montreal a few weeks ago and since I was lost in an apocalyptic state of mind, I didn't go see them. I shall now kill myself, but before I do so...Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy! It's their new album; exquisite! It'll charm you like Fuzzy Wuzzy the bear's hair! Enchanting use of minimalist electro within a smear of indie rock sensuality. Awww! Just like Sigur Rós and Björk, Iceland artists HAVE to be on your list of discoveries. There is something in their water that’s just fascinating!!!


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