dimanche 20 avril 2008

Ariane Assume!

I've had the opportunity to listen to the entirety of Ariane Moffatt's latest, Tous les Sens. I am in love again. She has the astonishing confidence of reconstructing her visions to near-musical perfection. Her collaborators have a lot to do with this (Jean-Phi Goncalvez, Alex MacMahon, Franck Dewaere, François Plante), but her pen is so accurate that no one is left indifferent to her emotions. When I first met her in 2003 for the release of Aquanaute, she mentioned her struggle to search within her 'jardin secret'. That is exactly what she has managed to give her listener: a piece of her secret garden. With Tous les Sens, she moves with the music and revisits her distinctive sound. It's in stores this coming Tuesday, Earth Day. It is her most intrinsic and aesthetic album to date.

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