dimanche 3 février 2008

It's apparently all about Willpower!

PDA is not Place des Arts, nor a Personal Digital Assistant, it's short for Public Display of Affection, musical duo formed of Imperial Teen frontman Will Schwartz and Tussel's Tomo Yasuda. Bubblegum gum, simple synth-pop that kinda makes you wanna say: 'Please, give me something new!' And I've said it for every song of their Hey Willpower release. There is so much determination, want and need for pretty behind their music that I don't like it. BUT, I am going to give them a second chance since they are coming to Montreal with MEN (former Le Tigre Samson and Joanna) March 2nd at Les Saints. If they toured with Montreal faves Lezzies on X, they've got to be worth while seeing on stage. Please, oh pretty please let it be so. I want to like you PDA, but there just seems to be so much doggedness behind your sound that it sickens me! Focus, and let go of the cheesy dancers!

I can't believe Peaches rocked the shocker with Will! Gosh!

Official Website

P.S. Ok, Hundredaire turns me on!

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